Miami Taught Me!

This time a month ago (I like to perfect my thoughts before writing lol) I was preparing for a weekend girls’ trip to Miami for Memorial Day with my girls Portia, Tia, and Ashley in tow. They all had been to Miami a few times before but this was my first run in the city. I was so excited! The entire weekend I was like a wide eyed child at Disney World for the first time. The main strip on Ocean Drive had been blocked off so no cars could come down at all, so there were people congregated everywhere in the streets and outside the local bars. The weather was absolutely perfect, so much that I’ve found myself missing the humidity and longing for warmer summer nights. I ate good, drank better, danced it up, and relaxed beach and poolside; but the most memorable moments come from random interactions with my friends.

I’m the type of person who runs very low on patience especially when it comes  to other people. I could love you to death but if you ask me a stupid question I’m going to give you a sarcastic response. Don’t judge me, I’m working to be better lol. But guess what? This trip brought to my attention that every single person in the world has something they do out of nature that drives someone else insane. The girls and I have been friends since elementary school so we know each other inside out. I promise you each one of them has a different way of driving me completely insane and I’m 100% positive my snarky attitude and reckless mouth drive them equally insane. 

When it comes to the company we keep we often blur the line that separates friends and associates, causing us to accept behaviors and attitudes from people we shouldn’t. Friends are the people who accept you flaws and all, don’t try to change you, and constantly promote growth in you. You don’t hesitate to do the same for them because the feelings are genuine and require no explanation or second thought. We spend too much time accepting things from people who should have never been able to get that close to us in the first place. Evaluate the friendships you have in place to ensure a common respect is given on both ends. I would rather have one solid friend than six who make me feel some type of way every other week. All “friends” aren’t good friends and sometimes you are what you attract! 



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