Power Recap: Help Me


Power is my favorite show on tv hands down. Although I love Power, I don’t feel the need to compare it to Empire or any other show because it’s in a lane of it’s own sort of like The Wire was during its run. Since I’ve never blogged about Power in the past, I had to go into a a little more depth in this post and explain why I feel the way I do about specific characters and scenes. I probably missed a few points, but if I said everything I thought about Power on here, you’d never stop reading because it’s a continuous conversation. I just watched this episode for the third time just to make sure I didn’t miss any small details the first two times around lol.

First off, I love to hate Ghost. For everyone that watches Power and loves him, I need answers lol. He’s just not a real man to me and often leaves everyone else in the wake of demise while he remains all for himself. He will screw any and everyone over if it means saving himself… even Angie, and I hope she knows that. At the same time though, I kind of love him because even though he’s selfish, he still surprises me because what he did for himself somehow turns out helping the other person too. He’s a piece of work lol. Tasha was at the top of my favorites list until last week when she decided to be shady with Keisha and not let her know the real deal. Now my two favorite characters by far are Proctor, Ghost’s attorney, and Keisha. Proctor is the only one on the entire show who isn’t afraid to say what they feel to Ghost and in the most crude way. He hates Angela just as much as I do which makes me love him even more! When he said Angela must have pulled the ropes on Ghost to push his separation from Tasha, I hollered! No one else would ever be that blunt with Ghost and get away with it lol. I love how he calmly slid the homie a $100 bill to hold the elevator so he could see who the key witness was. Ghost definitely knows he needs Proctor; notice how he’s always the first Ghost calls when he needs help.

Ok so back to the story at hand from this week’s episode called “Help Me”. We start off with a gag-worthy scene of Angela and Ghost in bed together which immediately makes me cringe. I might love to hate Ghost, but I just straight up can’t stand Angie. Despite whatever lies she tells herself at night to get some good sleep, she is not a good cop by a long shot. I just knew Greg had Ghost in the palm of his hands when he got Ruiz to agree to giving them the entire line in the operation, but Angie threw me for a loop when she snuck in and gave Ruiz the tip about the bs charges for killing Nomar. It’s crazy to me that she loves Ghost that much to put her career on the line when it’s so obvious Ghost would drop her like a bad habit if it meant saving himself. I mean he literally had just broken up with her because she didn’t sacrifice her career to tell him about Ruiz. Then she just knew she was going over to Greg’s place to tell him about himself, but instead she got read for filth. Greg said everything I wanted to say to Angela; and even though I don’t want Ghost to get caught up, we gotta realize Greg is just doing his job… or what would have been his job had Angela not screwed him over.

My third favorite on the show is Dre who is causing me so much worry here lately. The look on his face when he saw Kanaan holding his daughter was everything I needed to see to believe he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. I truly believe he was ready to stay loyal to Ghost and let him know what went down; but true to Ghost’s nature, he cut Dre off and didn’t give him a chance to talk like he always does. He’s been treating Dre like a little boy the whole season; and for someone who’s been living in the streets and fending for himself all his life, I don’t think he takes too well to that treatment. He’s been itching to get back in the game and now would be the perfect opportunity. Hopefully Kanaan’s statement about how Dre had nothing before but had come up under Ghost will remind him of who the home team really is.

Facebook spoke a week ago with that petition for Holly’s death and they gave ya’ll what you wanted lol. If Holly’s plan to assassinate Ghost had worked and Tasha had gotten wind of the fact that Holly used her to get location, Tasha might have just killed Holly herself. I KNEW when Tommy found out she had put out the hit on Ghost that he would kill her personally. When I saw that look wash over his face, I knew it was going to be with his bare hands too. I mean his mama did just tell him to get rid of her, but who knew it would be so soon? Ya’ll knew Tommy wasn’t right after sharing coke and a kiss with his mama lol. The one good thing his mom did was remind him of what Ghost has been to him since childhood. If she hadn’t, I think Holly may have been able to convince Tommy it was the right thing to do by telling him she’s the one who rides for him and topping it off with some sex like she always does. When she threw shots about Tommy being nothing without Ghost, I knew it was over for her. He didn’t even care about the fact that she insinuated they were gay; that’s just the type of bond they have. But when she compared him to Ghost?! It was in that moment I knew she had messed up because she did to Tommy what Ghost so often does to him… belittled him. SN: Holly’s hair was so pretty – I love redheads! – but her cracked, crusty lips gave me gave me severe anxiety every week and I can’t say I’m sad to see her go. RIP boo lol

So the Jamaicans make sure they get their paper under any and all circumstances huh? I just knew they were going to tip Ghost about Holly’s hit and were setting her up the whole time they were texting her. Boy was I wrong! When they rolled up on Ghost like that, I just knew he was going to end up in the hospital badly injured. What I didn’t expect was for his body guard to pop up out of nowhere and kill the Jamaicans. I had been trying to figure out if this body guard was shady for the last two episodes, but as of right now he’s one of my favorites. I just hope he doesn’t have any ulterior motives. Who knows, he could have been sent by Lobos to get close to Ghost and take him out. I’ll be watching him closely from here on. It was so refreshing to see Tommy and Ghost come back together at the end of the episode and agree to take Lobos down together. I thought it was such a turning point in the show for Tommy to call Ghost for help with Holly’s body. I definitely think that solidified Ghost’s reemergence back into the game. Angela better watch out!

In the next few episodes, I’m waiting for quite a few things to come to full circle. I need to know if and when Keisha finds out Tasha is playing dirty in her shop behind her back, how will she react? Or is she never going to find out, but instead get caught up and lose everything? I’d hate Tasha forever. Whose side is Dre going to be on? And I’m almost convinced Greg is going to go looking for Holly again and when he does we know what he’ll find. I’m so glad they’ve shifted focus from Jukebox’s storyline and back to the main points; I can’t wait until next week to see what Kanaan’s next move will be!

Post your thoughts in the comments!

– Shants


3 thoughts on “Power Recap: Help Me

  1. This blog is everything!! I don’t even know where to begin. Power had me stuck. Lol. Holly was making me mad though… she was in the way


  2. So I agree on all points. But somehow I feel like Kanan is going to kill Tariq because Dre said “Im right where you want me” and he mentioned spending time with Ghost’s son. I hope he’s still loyal to Ghost even though he’s been treated like shit. I feel like Ghost is still trying to fill him out. But I’m torn because I think it’d be somewhat the perfect revenge for Kanan to kill Ghost’s son sonce he thought Ghost took Sean from him. I’m so happy Holly is dead, but curious to know when and who will find her body and what will go down with Tommy since they made a point for her to dig her nails into him and bleed. I hate Angie but I think Ghost needs to keep her in the fold because if he goes down, she goes down. When is Michael Sandavol gonna get exposed for being used by Lobos? Will Greg discover that before searching for Holly? Great blog post Shanta. Keep it coming so we can all go through our little theories and see how it plays out


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