Power: The Right Decision

For everyone who was team Ghost last week, why the sudden switch now?? LOL I told ya’ll he wasn’t hitting on SHHH! He and Tommy have brought Tasha back into their crazy bs, but what surprises me is the fact she agreed. It was obvious she didn’t know she would be doing Ghost a favor by the look on her face when she saw him at Tommy’s place. I bet if she had known about Holly at that moment, she would not have gone through with helping them in any way. Leave it to Ghost to leave out that tiny detail. I swear Tasha said “Typical Ghost” at least three times in this episode. The first time was when he left her to tend to Tommy for the night while he went to have a f*ck fest with Angela; the second was when they showed up to the fancy hotel pretending to be a happily married couple; then lastly when he lied to Angela so smoothly in the hotel room after getting back from the job with Tommy.

Speaking of “the job” I don’t have to be a hustler, dealer, or in the streets to know this was the WORST assassination ever known to mankind lol. Ya’ll THOUGHT Greg was about to die SIKEEEE! I know many want him to die, but Greg is essential to this show. I think we all have gotten so caught up in wanting Ghost and his team to win that we forget Greg is actually doing what he’s supposed to do. Yes he may have ulterior motives, but if I had to choose I would say Angela deserves to lose it all over Greg. She’s crossed just as many if not more lines than he has. Well contrary to popular belief, Greg didn’t die. Greg got right on up, bypassed the hospital and went right back in to the office lol. Where they do that at?? Greg is so set on thinking Angie leaked the information on the transport of Lobos, but I just want to know how long it’s going to take for him to figure out it’s Sandoval? I actually think their blonde headed colleague will figure it out first.

Lobos just knew Tommy had come to his rescue and was part of the plan for his salvation. Little did he know, Ghost was waiting in the cut for him. I died at the look on Jefe’s face when he saw his man in the passenger seat take the bullet. Jefe is the shakiest, scariest, craziest fool I’ve ever seen and he is not someone I would have wanted to cross. Why wouldn’t they just shoot him right then and there in the car? For Ghost to be as smart as we thought he was, this had to be the most careless hit ever. He and Tommy were too worried about arguing with each other that they let the craziest man probably in their world get away. They were legit looking for him through the day and night. Did they think this through at all?? I’m going to say no because even when Tommy warned Ghost not to shoot Lobos there, he did it anyway. The icing on the cake is that he shot him in the chest (and I would imagine he was wearing a vest considering he’s the highest profile criminal and they’d want to get him transported as quickly and safely as possible) AND even left the body there. Why wouldn’t he shoot Lobos in the head?? All these hit jobs we’ve seen Ghost carry out from day one and we know his shot is on point; maybe Lobos will live and he and Milan will end up fighting over who owns Ghost’s life… because after this episode he definitely doesn’t own his own anymore lol. After they killed Lobos and Ghost talked about being free, the look on Tommy’s face made me hate Ghost even more. So typical of him to think that everything is peaches and cream just because he got what he wanted; but in the meantime he basically stripped Tommy of everything and everyone he loved.

Milan, Milan, Milan… I didn’t see that one coming at all! I really wanted to believe he was someone in Ghost’s corner who could be trusted, but deep down I knew that would be too good to be true. Ghost literally handed Milan and his men everything they needed to know about his operations. I had no idea he would be one of the Serbians associated with Vladmir from the previous season! Unfortunately for Ghost, Milan wants his product moved and his money back. Ghost thought he could get out of the game for good, but I’m starting to think that will never happen for him. By the way, for everyone that loves Ghost and says you just want him to be a better man, I have a question. How easy do you think it will be for him to actually change for the better when every time he faces opposition, he pulls out his gun and is ready to kill? That man is not ready to get out of the game; he just wanted to be with Angela enough that he would do whatever was necessary. I think his love for Angie runs so deep because she loved him before he became who he is in life and she probably reminds him of who he wanted to be before he succumbed to the street.

It seems like the popular opinion is that everyone is team Tasha because of how well she holds Ghost and his whole operation down. She took it as far as texting Angie the entire time he was gone, and actually making it sound intimate as if it were really him. You say she’s a bad bish, I say she’s a dumb one. Just my opinion! You can’t be mad at Ghost for treating Angie and Tasha the way he does if they let him. He’s been using them both since season one; it just so happened to be this particular episode where he used them until they both ran dry. I’m so glad Tasha found those separation papers. Ghost would have continued to string her along and give her hope by asking her for favors and making her feel like she’s still apart of his team. It’s about time she opened her eyes and walked away from him before she gets caught up in his world again. Ghost talks a good game about protecting his family, but who’s gonna protect his kids if Tasha gets caught up with him?

Aww Ghost broke up with Angela, broke her heart, and caused every woman to see him as a dog now. Welcome to the club ladies! Angela and Tasha both deserve better than Ghost. Angela had a good man in Greg, but she just had to have the married guy 🙂  Things didn’t start spiraling until Angela and Ghost hooked up. I’m so happy Tasha called Ghost out about how easy it is for him to lie after he got off the phone with Angela. Like Tasha said, he really thought killing Lobos was going to solve all his problems. Milan quickly showed him that his problems had just begun. I hope Tasha sticks to this new attitude and moves on with her life. Maybe I could like her again if she tells Keisha the truth and stops trying to use her to clean up dirty money. I’m anxious to see if Angela will turn on Ghost now that he left her high and dry? Shout out to Tommy for telling Ghost what he needed to hear even though he had some ill intent behind his words; but why would Tommy take that ring back to the place Holly was buried?? I swear he and Ghost are just building a case around themselves with each episode.

SN: At the very end before Angie broke down and she asked him to tell the truth, I so badly wanted him to say “Bish I’m back in these skreets!” lmaooo don’t judge me!

I can’t wait to see what happens next week and I look forward to hearing you guys’ thoughts!!


3 thoughts on “Power: The Right Decision

  1. I love it. I love the perspective. I don’t hate Tasha, though. I really don’t. I don’t even hate her for lying to Keshia about cleaning up the dirty money I want so bad for her to be doing it to protect Keshia in its twisted way. I cant believe you don’t feel some emotion behind the way he done Tasha..she got her ways, but at the end of the day she still loved Ghost and he was still her husband. and I got a soft spot from Angela breaking out and crying and begging him because she didn’t understand why he was doing that when he just gave her a different story earlier. But at the same time.. that’s just the way the cookie crumbles when you mess with a married man. Last night was my first time showing sympathy and I had to have a reality check. Death to the side bishes!!! But, I also think Lobos is not harder than Milan. For some reason, I feel like Milan is not to be messed with and I cant believe he fell for the foo. They got things coming from all ends, and it just goes to show that the real game is dirty, and malicious..it sounds so cliche’ but I feel like Aint no way out…unless you’re dead or behind bars. I think Ghost is extremely selfish in the way he does his business and his love life. I’m over it.. but I’m so addicted!!! lol I’m ready for next week!


    1. I do feel bad for Tasha as far as how ghost did her with Angela! I just want her to pick herself up and move on. I know it’s easier said than done but I think after this episode she will really be done with him! I agree that Lobos doesn’t seem to have anything on Milan! I can’t wait to see how that plays out, I can’t get enough of the show either l


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