Let’s Make America Great… Not Again

I have so much to say, but I just can’t seem to form the words to properly express my thoughts; for me that means take it to the pen and paper, or in this case the fingers and keys. For the first time in my life, I’m completely appalled and speechless about the current state of America. And maybe that’s because I was in middle and high school when Bush was elected; I cared but because I hate politics and government (always have – I’m a socialist), it wasn’t a subject I studied or focused on much. But then at 19, here comes President elect Barack Obama with all this talk of progressive change which sparked hope in me… in many of us. What I didn’t consider were all the ways the media would blame him for everything that went wrong in the country. I didn’t predict that the right-wing, survival of the fittest type thinkers would hate him so much that they’d do whatever to switch the political party back in their favor – sadly in the hands of Donald Trump this go around.

The only thing Donald Trump supporters and I have in common in political talk is that I have an equal disdain for Mrs. Clinton. I did not want her to be our President by any means, but because she and Trump were my only choices (I really wanted to vote for Jill Stein since Bernie was out, but we all saw the way voting for third parties shifted the votes in Trump’s favor) I did what I had to do. It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the announcement and already everyone is running in opposite directions on social media to create a more expansive divide between us than ever before. It can be so difficult to refrain from giving your opinion to someone else when they so blatantly leave theirs out in the open for all to see; however, so many people are becoming more openly disrespectful of others, letting everyone know that they couldn’t give two shits about anyone from a different background than them.

I was scrolling Facebook this morning (and had to log off with the quickness because I was getting MAD) and I saw a girl post that she HAD to vote for Trump as a Christian because she’s pro-life. Well that really bothered me because I consider myself a Christian (an open minded one) and I’m almost 100% positive discrimination, sexual assault, and bigotry are the complete opposites of Christian values. Now if you wanted to vote for Trump because you like him better, then by all means do what you need to do; that’s exactly what I did when it came to voting for Hillary. But don’t sit here and base your choice on anything God related. You’re lying to not only the people but to yourself as well. If that’s the case as a Christian, I voted for Hillary because of everything Trump stands for as a man. But then I supported pro-choice with my vote, so is that really the Christian thing to do? Goodbye.

On the flipside of the game, I have seen several people online saying anyone who voted for Trump is a racist. I don’t agree with that. I can expand my mind to understand why people don’t think it makes them racist to vote for him. Majority of his voters are white of course, and they hold the same economic beliefs as Trump. They have that survival of the fittest mentality because they feel they’ve worked hard for theirs. These are the same people who don’t want to acknowledge slavery as a setback to black people or settlement into America as a setback for Native Americans. And why should they acknowledge that? That’s how their ancestors built their wealth! Why would they want to continue to harp on that or let you remind them constantly that they got where they are on the backs of others way back in the day? They feel that enough centuries and decades have passed for everyone else to grab on to the gravy train and make a way for themselves. I don’t agree because history will always affect us, but I totally understand that mentality.

Let’s not get it twisted though… Trump has been a gateway to those who are racist for them to let out their true beliefs and gain a strong backing from others who feel mutually. Racism has and will always exist. There will always be differences in religions as well. The problem comes when people don’t know how to respect others! I could care less if you don’t like me because I’m black. Just have enough respect for me to not let it be known to me that you don’t like me because I’m black. Just don’t even look my way, don’t shop with me, don’t acknowledge me. I’m ok with that, I just want the respect! I saw a girl call a guy racist this morning on Facebook because he voted for Trump. When she asked why he voted for Trump if he wasn’t racist, he brought up NAFTA which she had never even heard of. It kills me how people are so quick to attack someone else, but steadily prove the point being made that some would rather play the blame game than do what they need to get ahead. I mean it’s obvious some people don’t even read or research.

I’ll be damned if I get online and attack another human’s character, judgment, or values because they don’t agree with me or because of their differing political views. Sometimes we just really have to obtain a better understanding of people and the world as a whole. Or we could just ignore them. I tell you one thing I’ve learned, if someone is ignorant there is nothing in the world you can do to take that out of them. You become ignorant by trying to change the opinion of someone who doesn’t even try to understand you. Instead of us focusing on what the new presidency could mean for us, let’s all strive to make US better. Let’s support each other, build with one another, and not tear each other down. That’s how we really make America great… I won’t say again because I can’t really say that it has ever truly been to begin with. In my eyes, the two political parties are just here to create a greater divide between us all. And  we all know it’s a money racket. If you didn’t have the financial backing for the campaign, you weren’t taken seriously. Well I’m sure it wasn’t hard at all for Trump and Clinton to gain that.

All it takes is an open mind from both sides -impossible I know but it sounds good lol. Take mental notes of things people say and how they act, delete or eliminate them if you need to, and go on about your business. Don’t spend time online or in real life trying to prove a point to someone that they’ll never believe anyway. Now go out be great because you still gotta get yours regardless of who won! XOXO



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