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My 2015 Wrap-Up

I think 2015 went by faster than any other year I’ve been in this world. It literally was here today and gone tomorrow! I personally feel 2015 was the year I gained full control of my life. I started making my own decisions without consulting a second opinion from friends and family. After putting my faith in God, I took a leap of faith in my career with which I could not be happier. And although I was not in church and Bible study every Sunday or Wednesday, I completed my first 365-day devotional book and restored my relationship with God in ways that were much needed. I wanted to make it a point to take at least three trips this year – one with family, a baecation, and one with friends – which I managed to accomplish within the year. Certain friendships blossomed within the year, while some fell off completely… and I’m perfectly okay with that. Most importantly, I have the freedom to spend so much more time with my loved ones since I work from home. It brings me so much joy to drop Trey off at school daily and be standing outside the doors when he comes out. 2015 has been a year of abundant blessings for me!

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Get Up and Go HARDER!


I had the pleasure of attending an event Sunday evening hosted by Tiphani Montgomery, one of my biggest sources of inspiration at the moment. Tiphani was a teenage single mother who took her life into her own hands, wrote and published her first book on her own, and turned her name into a brand that has become and inspiration to so many women around the world. It’s always uplifting to see someone with a story similar to your own move on to become highly successful in life. Add Karen Civil in the mix who in my opinion could be donned the Hip Hop Oprah. Karen has made a huge name and following for herself and has worked with many of the top rappers in the game. I knew I had to be in attendance at this seminar and did not hesitate to get two tickets; I didn’t even know who was going to go with me at the time!

I decided to take my boyfriend’s niece Regine because she’s not just his niece to me, but she’s become one of my best friends over the course of our relationship. I’m all about women empowerment and trying to play an active role in helping another young woman find her way in life while on my own journey to finding mine. Not only did we indulge in some amazing soul food Sunday night, surrounded by beautiful black women with goals and dreams in a low lit, calming environment but we also gained a new perspective and outlook on life when it comes to chasing your dreams. Listening to both women share the obstacles they endured in order to get where they are today really made me change the way I look at my journey in chasing my dreams. There’s no way that I could write out everything I learned on Sunday, but three things really seemed to stick with me and I’ve made a vow to carry these with me everyday.

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[Day 6] The Worst

Today’s blog topic for the 30 day challenge is to name the worst thing I have ever experienced. Naturally I have to say losing my cousin Delvin to gun violence is by far the worst thing I have ever experienced. However, it is also something that I have come to terms with over time, and not something I really like to discuss openly to the public. I think death of someone close to you in general is the worst thing that could ever be experienced; but considering that Delvin has been the closest person that I’ve lost in life to this day, he is still my worst experience 13 years later. I hope I don’t have to experience the loss of any loved ones any time soon, and hate to see people around me suffer from it. Death in any form is a tough pill to swallow, but it happens all around us daily. However no matter how much I see it, I can never get used to it nor does it get any easier to bear.

[Day 5] Because I’m Happy!

Yesterday was Saturday and Lord knows I’m not the best at weekend blogging so I forgot all about the 30 day challenge until today. I don’t want to get behind on this so I decided to post yesterday’s blog along with today’s. I’m supposed to list the top 5 things that make me happy right now. I’ve been in a very good place for the last few months or so which makes it easy to come up with things I’m happy about right now. If I had to narrow it down to just five, this is what they would be:

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[Day 4] Sweet Sixteen

Today’s topic for the 30 day blogging challenge is to list ten things I would tell my 16 year old self if I could. When I was 16, I was in my sophomore year of high school impatiently waiting to get my license. I had four best friends- Tia, Ashley, Kristen, and Portia- and we were as thick as thieves back then. Tia and I specifically used to have the time of our lives in those days and life was truly carefree. I had dated and broken up with my first boyfriend by then and was single and ready to mingle. So I wasn’t caught up in keeping a guy’s attention during that time. It was a good year! This was before I started acting more grown than I really was and got pregnant my last year of school. But hey you live and you learn! If I could tell myself something back then to make my life journey a little easier in the years to come, it would have been this:

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[30 Days of Blogging] 20 Randoms about ME


In order to get myself used to blogging everyday like I used to, I decided to look up some 30 day blogging challenges to kind of force myself to write out of my comfort zone. I tried to do this to the end about a year ago, but I don’t think I made it to past ten lol. After looking at several different challenges, I figured this one would make me think about my responses the most… so here goes!

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Our Girls Need Love Too!

People really defend celebrities like they believe that maybe just MAYBE their favorite will see it, reach out to them, and then they will be best friends forever and ride off into the sunset together. NOT! I admit that I used to be a huge Beyonce’ fan and would get in my feelings whenever someone discredited her artistry. However, those days are long gone as I’ve grown up and had to give myself a reality check. These celebrities do not care about you, you OR you… what they DO care about is your undying support in order to keep their pockets flowing and will do whatever it takes to keep that fan base and and the checks rolling.

Fast forward to today. I was scrolling through The Shade Room’s Facebook page and ran across a story that said Kylie Jenner has been supporting herself since she was 14. I don’t know what it is about those damn Kardashians that make you want to click the links with their surname on it regardless of how much you despise them- maybe it’s because I know they’ll say something idiotic to further prove my point with them, idk- but whatever the case is I clicked it. So Kylie stated that she has been taking care of herself and paying for everything on her own since she was 14 because Kris cut her off at that point. In my head, I’m like “oh ok, well you know that’s good… I guess” but technically we all know she was born into money, grew up in fame, and was well set for life before she even knew the value of money. How does acknowledging those facts make anyone a hater?? Apparently in today’s society, it does.

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Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous

I used to want to be famous. I wanted fame so badly that I would envision my name in lights and practice signing my name to prepare for when people asked for my autograph. I studied celebrities to the core. As a kid I would get my parents to buy me albums (or bootlegs – back then my daddy’s plug had the burnt CD’s with the album cover and all lol) and read the covers from front to back over and over. This was my way of learning who was who in the music industry like the big executives, producers, writers and whatnot. Back when videos were popular and I would be out for summer school, I would get up faithfully by 10 AM because that’s when Videolink and Cita’s World came on and I just couldn’t miss them! SN: Who remembers Videolink where they would play 5 videos that had something in common and we had to figure it out?) As I got older and the internet spread like wildfire, I quickly found urban blogs that would be my daily form of news up until this year actually. If anyone wanted info on a random celebrity, they knew they could come to me because of course I would know. My boyfriend and I used to play this game where he would ask me something about a random ass has-been celeb, and I usually would know the answer but if I didn’t I would find out within minutes lol.

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Current State of Affairs

If I went on a rant about how unsettled I feel about the current state of the world, it would never ever end. If I told you the things I’ve been reading up on lately including demons on earth, the New World Order, black oppression, mind washing from the media, etc I’m 99.9% sure that 99% of you would think I’m crazy as hell. But you can’t believe in God and not believe in all the evil things that are possible in the world. After all, it is in the Bible that the devil is the ruler of the earth. He offered Jesus the world if he would do just one thing he told him. While Jesus fought to his death to fight against Satan, you know the people on earth today aren’t remotely close to what Jesus was. We really need to wake up and see the world for what it is right now!

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