Miami Taught Me!

This time a month ago (I like to perfect my thoughts before writing lol) I was preparing for a weekend girls’ trip to Miami for Memorial Day with my girls Portia, Tia, and Ashley in tow. They all had been to Miami a few times before but this was my first run in the city. I was so excited! The entire weekend I was like a wide eyed child at Disney World for the first time. The main strip on Ocean Drive had been blocked off so no cars could come down at all, so there were people congregated everywhere in the streets and outside the local bars. The weather was absolutely perfect, so much that I’ve found myself missing the humidity and longing for warmer summer nights. I ate good, drank better, danced it up, and relaxed beach and poolside; but the most memorable moments come from random interactions with my friends.

I’m the type of person who runs very low on patience especially when it comes  to other people. I could love you to death but if you ask me a stupid question I’m going to give you a sarcastic response. Don’t judge me, I’m working to be better lol. But guess what? This trip brought to my attention that every single person in the world has something they do out of nature that drives someone else insane. The girls and I have been friends since elementary school so we know each other inside out. I promise you each one of them has a different way of driving me completely insane and I’m 100% positive my snarky attitude and reckless mouth drive them equally insane. 

When it comes to the company we keep we often blur the line that separates friends and associates, causing us to accept behaviors and attitudes from people we shouldn’t. Friends are the people who accept you flaws and all, don’t try to change you, and constantly promote growth in you. You don’t hesitate to do the same for them because the feelings are genuine and require no explanation or second thought. We spend too much time accepting things from people who should have never been able to get that close to us in the first place. Evaluate the friendships you have in place to ensure a common respect is given on both ends. I would rather have one solid friend than six who make me feel some type of way every other week. All “friends” aren’t good friends and sometimes you are what you attract! 



Can’t We All Just Get in Formation?


You know you that b*tch when you cause all this conversation; always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper

I really didn’t want to do this because quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing about Beyoncé right now whether good or bad. Everyone knows I’m a Beyoncé fan, but I didn’t even get tickets to her concert this go around after being present for her last three shows. The only reason I’m even doing this is due to the high accolades Kendrick Lamar is receiving for his genius performance on the Grammys last night. If you know me, you also know I’m a huge KDot fan and he’s my brother in my head; however, I happen to find issues with the fact that many individuals have been negatively comparing Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance and “Formation” video while praising Kendrick’s Grammy performance last night. I beg to differ and am open minded enough to see the same message delivered in both with disparate artistry. In my views Beyoncé opted for a more unconventional route while Kendrick went with relatable visuals and deep lyricism as only he can do; but I still got similar messages from both.

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Happiness vs. Joy

No matter how happy I am, I’ve realized that happiness is a fleeting feeling that only comes with the good times in life; but it never stays with me forever. Everything could be going right in my life, making me 100% happy, but no matter what I always feel like something is missing. Well they say it’s best to find joy instead of seeking happiness and it’s taken me quite some time to recognize that as the truth. See I tend to stand in denial at times when it comes to happiness because I never want to seem ungrateful for the great things that go on in my life. But who wants their happiness to be contingent upon their current position in life, where they stand in situations, or people in the world who have yet to find their own way? That’s exactly what happiness is.

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My 2015 Wrap-Up

I think 2015 went by faster than any other year I’ve been in this world. It literally was here today and gone tomorrow! I personally feel 2015 was the year I gained full control of my life. I started making my own decisions without consulting a second opinion from friends and family. After putting my faith in God, I took a leap of faith in my career with which I could not be happier. And although I was not in church and Bible study every Sunday or Wednesday, I completed my first 365-day devotional book and restored my relationship with God in ways that were much needed. I wanted to make it a point to take at least three trips this year – one with family, a baecation, and one with friends – which I managed to accomplish within the year. Certain friendships blossomed within the year, while some fell off completely… and I’m perfectly okay with that. Most importantly, I have the freedom to spend so much more time with my loved ones since I work from home. It brings me so much joy to drop Trey off at school daily and be standing outside the doors when he comes out. 2015 has been a year of abundant blessings for me!

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The Plain Janes

I can be such a plain Jane sometimes. I know when I post on social media there’s usually nothing plain about my attire. There’s absolutely nothing plain about my personality; I’m sarcastically funny, quirky yet entertaining, and very much opinionated. But often times I feel like I’m just a plain Jane… like I’m not enough. I don’t wear makeup too often and when I do it’s usually just eyeliner, mascara, and a lippie. I don’t get my hair done often at all – once every three months if that – and really all I do is wash and air dry it on a daily. I don’t dress up much anymore unless I’m having date night or it’s the rare occasion that I’m going to the club. I often feel like people just pretend to like me because I have that stereotypical “light skin with long hair” look, when in reality I feel like just another girl ALL the time. In a world where millions of picture are uploaded to social media each day and half the women just seemingly look “flawless” in every single post, it’s easy to see why many girls could potentially feel the way I do.

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5 Reasons Everyone HAS to See ‘Straight Outta Compton’

I’m not one who hypes movies. As a matter of fact I can be very critical of movies and they tend to lose my attention quickly if they’re not interesting from the jump. That was far from the case last night when I went to see Straight Outta Compton. This movie was so well executed that the first thing I thought when it was over is “I have to blog about this.” Where do I even start though?! Excuse me before reading any further because when I find an art project that touches me passionately, it’s like I can rant about it forever. Straight Outta Compton is like a modern day Boyz in the Hood for me, but the difference is that this was so blatantly REAL. It really opened my eyes not only to social issues that took place back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, but it sparked an even bigger flame of passion in me towards issues in today’s society than what was already there. I thought I was “woke” before, but this movie opened my eyes in so many ways. Everyone of every culture, race, and background should see this movie. I took 5 lessons from it that I feel like the world could stand to open its eyes to and thus are the reasons that everyone should take the time to watch it. Don’t worry about any spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet, I promise I’m not giving anything away! Read below:

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Work Hard, Play Hard

I’ve really slacked off from the 30 day blogging challenge (to no surprise lol) but now I’m back like I never left! I left off at day 6 so I’ll just continue to day 7 even though there have been 30+ days in between the two lol. Today’s blogging challenge entails discussing my dream job and why it’s my dream job. Well that’s easy enough.

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Get Up and Go HARDER!


I had the pleasure of attending an event Sunday evening hosted by Tiphani Montgomery, one of my biggest sources of inspiration at the moment. Tiphani was a teenage single mother who took her life into her own hands, wrote and published her first book on her own, and turned her name into a brand that has become and inspiration to so many women around the world. It’s always uplifting to see someone with a story similar to your own move on to become highly successful in life. Add Karen Civil in the mix who in my opinion could be donned the Hip Hop Oprah. Karen has made a huge name and following for herself and has worked with many of the top rappers in the game. I knew I had to be in attendance at this seminar and did not hesitate to get two tickets; I didn’t even know who was going to go with me at the time!

I decided to take my boyfriend’s niece Regine because she’s not just his niece to me, but she’s become one of my best friends over the course of our relationship. I’m all about women empowerment and trying to play an active role in helping another young woman find her way in life while on my own journey to finding mine. Not only did we indulge in some amazing soul food Sunday night, surrounded by beautiful black women with goals and dreams in a low lit, calming environment but we also gained a new perspective and outlook on life when it comes to chasing your dreams. Listening to both women share the obstacles they endured in order to get where they are today really made me change the way I look at my journey in chasing my dreams. There’s no way that I could write out everything I learned on Sunday, but three things really seemed to stick with me and I’ve made a vow to carry these with me everyday.

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[Day 6] The Worst

Today’s blog topic for the 30 day challenge is to name the worst thing I have ever experienced. Naturally I have to say losing my cousin Delvin to gun violence is by far the worst thing I have ever experienced. However, it is also something that I have come to terms with over time, and not something I really like to discuss openly to the public. I think death of someone close to you in general is the worst thing that could ever be experienced; but considering that Delvin has been the closest person that I’ve lost in life to this day, he is still my worst experience 13 years later. I hope I don’t have to experience the loss of any loved ones any time soon, and hate to see people around me suffer from it. Death in any form is a tough pill to swallow, but it happens all around us daily. However no matter how much I see it, I can never get used to it nor does it get any easier to bear.