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Work Hard, Play Hard

I’ve really slacked off from the 30 day blogging challenge (to no surprise lol) but now I’m back like I never left! I left off at day 6 so I’ll just continue to day 7 even though there have been 30+ days in between the two lol. Today’s blogging challenge entails discussing my dream job and why it’s my dream job. Well that’s easy enough.

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[30 Days of Blogging] 20 Randoms about ME


In order to get myself used to blogging everyday like I used to, I decided to look up some 30 day blogging challenges to kind of force myself to write out of my comfort zone. I tried to do this to the end about a year ago, but I don’t think I made it to past ten lol. After looking at several different challenges, I figured this one would make me think about my responses the most… so here goes!

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[Day 2] 10 Years Later…


“Ten years from now bet I still be on top, I thought I told ya’ll that we don’t stop”

Today marks day 2 of my 30 day blogging challenge and the topic is about where I see myself ten years from now. Boy this one is easy! If I don’t think about anything else throughout the day, you can best believe my future is one thing that’s always on my mind. Ten years from now I will be getting ready to turn 35, Trey will be 16, and let me just tell ya’ll… If I’m not well; established by then or remotely close to being where I want to be in life ya’ll might as well kill me now lol. Living out my dreams is not even an option to me!

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[Day 1] My Current Relationship


As of today I’m starting this 30 day blogging challenge that I found online, where you post on a different topic everyday. Today’s topic just so happens to be the one thing I rarely ever talk about… My relationship status. A month ago, I would’ve said I don’t know what it is to be honest lol. Two months ago I would’ve said I was single. Today I’m smitten and by all means taken. This is what a walk in my love life looks like lol. I’ve been dating the same guy off and on for three years now, but I go back and forth more than anyone I know. I tend to run in the opposite direction when the going gets tough, but over time I’ve learned the art of picking and choosing what’s worth fighting for.
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