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[Shants Rants] Braveheart x Ashanti


Shani is back in the building like she never left the game! I couldn’t be happier! Ever since Ashanti announced the release of Braveheart  early last year, I was too excited to get my hands on her new music. Finally after several delays, I got it! I honestly can say that I’ve missed Ashanti on the R&B scene. I’ve always been a huge fan of her writing skills, and her personality and looks are just complimentary to her actual talent with the pen.

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[Shants Rants] Ride Sally, Ride!

ABC's "Scandal" - Season One

Shonda Rhimes is so wrong for all the drama she squeezes into a one hour, commercial filled segment for Scandal every Thursday!! From beginning to end, every episode leaves me putting pieces together and this mid-season opener was no different. Before we could even get the opening credits rolling, Mellie walks in on Fitz and Liv tonguing each other down like two high school students. Well Mellie you wanted Liv back on the team and that’s exactly what you got lol. I guess she’s learned to not even say anything to them, because she walked right back out of his office and told him that he was needed when he was done. Checkmate!

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[Day 1] My Current Relationship


As of today I’m starting this 30 day blogging challenge that I found online, where you post on a different topic everyday. Today’s topic just so happens to be the one thing I rarely ever talk about… My relationship status. A month ago, I would’ve said I don’t know what it is to be honest lol. Two months ago I would’ve said I was single. Today I’m smitten and by all means taken. This is what a walk in my love life looks like lol. I’ve been dating the same guy off and on for three years now, but I go back and forth more than anyone I know. I tend to run in the opposite direction when the going gets tough, but over time I’ve learned the art of picking and choosing what’s worth fighting for.
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